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The Hertiage Collection Vol. 1

So I have been keeping a secret. A really good secret. What is it? Well, after a few months of work, rework, and even more editing. The Heritage Collection is now available for pre-order!


Aren't you excited?! Yes, this groundbreaking book is available in a new expanded special edition! The special edition is about twice as long as the previous, half the price, and well...just plain prettier.



Highlighting a pivotal period during WWI and WWII, The Heritage Collection Vol. 1, combines knitting, history, and personal stories to convey the social economic, and persona realities of life during four tumultuous decades.


Also included are 20 vintage knitting patterns that have been re-sized and adapted for modern shaped and contemporary yarns. With sizes from 30-60 inches there is a vintage pattern for everyone.


Now you can knit your way to victory!




Please note that this book is not yet published, but available for pre-order. We anticipate an early November 2013 release for the digital version. Printed copies will be shipped later that month. Pre-orderers will immediately receive one pattern from the book as a thank you, and receive the full book when it is released.




20 Patterns
9 Essays
160 Pages




Rohn Strong is an internationally recognized vintage crochet and knitwear designer. He is also an expert in WWI and WWII knitting history.  Rohn is the author of many online knit and crochet publications and currently designs knit and crochet projects for yarn companies, magazines, and independent publications. You can visit his website at




Do you use ravelry? Click here to see all the individual patterns from the book. Add them to your favorites queue as well!!




"If you're looking for an historically relevant book about knitting during World I & II with awesome patterns, then look no further. It's officially here and Rohn Strong is the genius behind the idea and the book. My favorite his & her patterns are the Bess & Audie cardigans. I'll be putting those on the needles after I've finished all my Christmas knitting. My 2nd favorite pattern is John because it's a very simplistic turtleneck that I believe a man or a woman could wear. I would highly recommend this book for knitters of all ages and all skill levels. The patterns are very easy to follow and most of the techniques a well practiced beginner would be very comfortable with." -Fibre Mage


"The historical information and patterns work together well to paint a picture of the time. If you are a history buff and a knitter, this book is well worth it and I'm really glad to have been part of this project."


"I am not a huge fan of history to be honest, but when I saw the sweater on the cover of this book it caught my attention. I purchased the book after looking at a few images on Ravelry and falling in love with the patterns in it. I would definitely recommend this book to beginners and advanced knitters alike. The designer has done a wonderful job putting together a collection that really speaks to vintage knitwear. I have yet to sit down and read the book but have already cast on for the hat Ohata. A great buy!" -Harrison Strone





Ebook (PDF version) - $19.95

Print - $29.95

Ebook & Print - $39.95